Best Blu Ray Players

Blue-Ray Players might look like yesterday’s tech for gadget lovers, but they are still the best compared to any recent home theater. The best Blu-Ray Players will handle all your disc-based media (CDs, DVDs and Blue-ray). What’s more, they are also very capable streaming media players, with support for apps like Spotify, Pandora and Netflix. Here is a list of the best Blue-ray Players.

Sony BDP-S5500

If you are looking for a streaming Blue-Ray Player that not only does Blue-ray movies but also plays games, then Sony BDP-S5500 is the best choice for you. The Sony S5500 measures 230mm wide and 39mm high, making it a perfect gadget to your current setup. The Wi-Fi connection allows you to access files stored on PCs and NAS drives on the same network. There is really a lot to love in this box. Sony BDP S5500 offers the best features and is one of the fastest Blu-Ray Players.

Sony BDP-S6200

If you are looking for a fast working box that can upscale your existing discs to ultra HD 4K quality, then Sony BDP-S6200 is your best choice. The box spins both 3D and 2D Blue-ray discs, but adds both Ultra HD 4K upscaling and a dual core processor.

The Sony BDP-S6200’s plethora of apps loads faster than S5500. What’s more, there is a huge selection of apps from Sony’s own SEN (Sony Entertainment Network) to choose from. The BDP-S620 has the best smart TV apps package, excellent digital file support and unquestionable quality in both 3D and 2D Blue-ray disc playback.

Samsung BD-F6500

Samsung BD-F6500 is Samsung’s flagship Blue-ray player from 2013 and it’s still worth a look. It’s an appealing box with an amazing user interface. The box offers a wide selection of streaming content. It can also serve as a source for Samsung’s Shape-Multiroom-System streaming every type of audio from CDs or Blue-rays. What’s more, the player also transcodes between DTS and Dolby, which is convenient for sound bar owners.

Samsung BD-H6500

For all the niceties of 4K upscaling, a digital file playback and a wide selection of apps, it’s the dual-core processing inside this box that most impresses. With a wide collection of smart apps and amazing features, the Samsung BD-H6500 Blue-ray player makes an ideal mid-range option if you are after a “does-it-all” box that offers some promising future.

Samsung BD-J5900

Samsung BD 5900 is one of the best and fastest Blue-ray players. The box offers amazing streaming options, and it has an excellent image quality. The box loads discs quickly, and it has an eye to the future with a perfect selection of streaming apps.

Sony BDP-S1200

Sony BDP-S1200 Blue-Ray Player gives you most of the apps you need, but it lacks Wi-Fi. Apps for Amazon Instant Video, Netflix and Demand Five are welcome. Sony’s SEN network is cluttered and lacks some vital apps, while the provision of another layer of apps from Opera adds confusion. If you are looking for a box that has a 3D mode, Sony BDP-S1200 might not be the best choice for you. However, if you are looking for a player that has the best Blue-ray quality and digital file playback, Sony BDP-S1200 is your best choice.

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