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Are you looking for the best TV guide of the year 2016? Are you ready to take your entertainment lifestyle to the next level? If yes, you are at the right place.

Today, finding the perfect TV for your home can be quite challenging. For instance, the Best TVs cone with not only complex technology but also strange acronyms. Not everyone can tell the difference between HD, FHD and UHD resolutions. That’s not all! There are also many manufacturers to choose from. What should you look for when buying a TV?

2016’s Best TVs that will blow your mind

Sony KD-75X9405C

Sony has never ceased to impress its customers when it comes to entertainment. The 75X9405C is a 75 inch TV which comes with a 38402160 resolution. As an android TV, it generates the best contrast and splendid colors for home entertainment.

Panasonic TX-65CZ952

This year, Panasonic has set a high par in the world of smart TVs. Its 65CZ952 comes with the following features:

    • Improved OLED screen display.
    • Screen resolution of 38402160.
    • Curved screen.
    • A wide viewing angle

Unfortunately, this TV comes with a huge price tag.

LG 55EG960V

LG TVs have a good reputation for deeper blacks and enhanced colors. Well, this 4K OLED TV comes with a jaw-dropping combination of total black and a non-reflective curved screen. If you are looking for realistic images, this is what you should take home. The 55EG960V comes with webOS, Freeview HD, FreeSat HD and 38402160 resolution.

Samsung UE48JU7000T

This is the best TV for anyone looking for a small UHD TV. It’s a very affordable high-end Ultra HD TV. Its impressive features include:

    • Freeview HD which uses PurColor technology.
    • Samsung’s new Tizen OS.
    • A 38402160 resolution.

What to look for when choosing the best TVs

Each TV comes with a different panel display – LED, LCD, Plasma or OLED. However, there are many factors to consider when buying a smart TV.

The Size

This will entirely depend on what you prefer and the size of your room. You should know that bigger screens are not suitable for everyone. In addition, you should consider how far away you will be sitting. For example, a 90 inch 4K UHD TV generates clear pictures at very close distances.


4K UHD (2160p) is the latest and yet the best resolution in today’s market. These TVs generate detailed and stunningly clear images. They are 4 times better than a 1080p TV and can upscale the quality of viewed content to FHD.

Full HD (1080p) TVs are great for watching movies and normal TV programs. They are very common. Lastly, HD or 720p TVs are good for watching DVD movies. They are very affordable and perfect for small TVs.

Refresh Rate

You should know that the higher the refresh rate, the smoother the picture. Modern TVs will come with 60Hz, 120Hz or 240Hz. With a 240Hz screen, you will not experience any motion blur but a 60Hz TV will generate some motion blur.

What about the smart TVs?

Smart TVs come with exclusive features such as ability to access the internet, streaming high-definition movie from sites such as Netflix, Hulu and YouTube, and also the ability to sync with smart mobile devices. Therefore, you should consider its internet speed, ability to stream and user-friendliness.


There are many other factors to consider when choosing the best TVs such as ability to connect with HDMI, to shop online and 3D capabilities. However, you should always go for what you need.

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